Why You Should Not Waste Time in Class

Why You Should Not Waste Time in Class

Why you should not waste time in class.

Wasting time in class is really bad. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t waste time in class, and they are all negative reasons. You should always do what the teacher tells you to do because if you don’t you get behind on your work and you probably won’t understand it after. So the best thing to do is listen to the teacher when he or she is teaching.

Not wasting time is a good thing, because then you can get your work done faster. You can also finish your work in class, and so then you do not have it for homework. It is also good for the teacher because then he can assign you more homework for your punishment of not using your time wisely.

Not wasting time in class is also a good thing because, then you can listen to everything the teacher says and you can follow that because then you can learn more and new things. It is also a good thing because if you don’t listen in class then you can miss something that the teacher has said and then you can get in trouble.

The whole point of me writing this is to show that I learned my lesson, that I will never waste time in class ever again.

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